Blacksmithing has been a profession since man discovered iron and needed people to manipulate it into useful items for the times- weapons, household goods, tools, decoration, etc. The Industrial Revolution (the age of machines) saw an end of the era when every community had a blacksmith.
Tim Carr
Renewed interest in lost arts and a desire for more one-of-a-kind, handmade items has caused a resurgence in the art of blacksmithing.

Tim Carr, owner and blacksmith at Black Bear Forge in Muskegon, MI, has been working with metal for over 30 years. Starting as a welder and fabricator, he eventually moved into the arena of artist blacksmith, which he has been pursuing full-time since 1996. Tim prefers to create things that serve a purpose, be it hardware, railings, furniture, a knife or cooking utensil, or the simple beauty of a perfect steel rose to complement and decorate your home. His work encompasses everything from authentically reproducing and restoring an 1890’s gate and rail for an historic site, to modern-designed shelf supports, bathroom hardware, and accent tables for new homes. He works with new construction, remodeling projects, and restoration of existing metalwork and historic pieces.

All work is custom-designed and created to the specific requirements of a given project and client’s tastes. Because of the individual nature of the work, a catalog or price list is not possible. A Portfolio of past works is presented on this site to provide inspiration and to give an idea of the possibilities iron and steel have.